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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Japan Day 6

Saturday was a great day! Unfortunately, like almost every single day, Noe had to be at work in the morning so he didn't get to enjoy it with us. In our eyes, we just enjoyed the few moments we were able to spend together.

Throughout my life, people have told me that you don't know what someone's life is like until you walk in their shoes. Does this mean that Robert and Noah know what our lives are like? They were both walking, and falling, in our shoes that morning!

On our way out the door, we noticed that there were a bunch of people down on the bay. Leigha wanted to know what they were doing down there and I explained that they were digging for clams, at least that's what I hoped they were doing!

Our main mission that day was a trip to the Ueno Zoo. It was very unfortunate that their famous Panda Bear had died back in April. I think I was more excited just because we do not have a zoo, or what I consider a zoo, in Las Vegas.

As we were walking through the park, on the way to the zoo's entrance, we passed by some street muscians. We stopped and listened for a few minutes, cooled down for a few minutes, and then headed on towards the zoo.

I couldn't believe how cheap it was when we went in. I paid $18 for Val, Adri, and myself. The kids were absolutely free, so I thought! I have never gone through as many bottles of water as we did that day. That's how that zoo makes their money, cheap admission knowing that you will spend a ton keeping hydrated. I think it's safe to assume I was a sweaty mess, once again!

I remember reaching the lions' exhibit and we all became famished. Why wouldn't you with this appetizing bone waved in front of our faces? How could you not be enticed to go grab some food?

Noah wasn't sure of what to think about the monkey's being as close as they were. It took him a few seconds to realize that he was safe with that window between them!

All I wanted to do was go lie down with the apes! Doesn't he look cool and comfortable?

Since we already had our tastebuds tickled, and we were dying of thirst again, we headed over to the food area. Unfortunately, they didn't have what I expected a food stand to have (imagine that!?). I bought a sausage on a stick, knowing full well that my kids like sausage. The only one I was a bit fearful of was Matthew. He's eating a lot of regular foods now, but he still has some issues with certain things.

Boy was I wrong! The only one who would touch this ORANGE sausage on a stick WAS Matthew! He just kept chowing down. Either he was really hungry, or he actually liked it. Don't ask me what it tastes like, I am not a great mom who taste tests food before handing them over to her kids! No guts here, and I am not ashamed to admit that!

The boys then proceeded to torment the pigeons all around us. You have never seen the kids run around benches as fast as they did that afternoon. Leigha was jumping over them, and the boys were running around the benches and through other people to get the pigeons. What a proud mommy momment, sigh. I blame this behavior on their father!

While I felt a bit guilty for the boys being stuck in their strollers most of the day, I did feel somewhat jealous, too! We let them take turns walking around, but for the most part they just sat back and enjoyed the ride.

I, on the other hand, was dying towards the end of the day. We had gotten ourselves to the lowest part in the park, and then realized we would have to get all the way back up to be able to leave. That was a workout with Noah and Matthew in a double stroller, but I made it! What better thing to do after climbing horrible hills? Stop and take pictures!

I was a bit disturbed at how some of the animals were kept in some disgusting looking areas. I have never seen such dirty water and homes as some of the animals. There were two large hippos in this pen, and as the employee sprayed off the top, we couldn't help but notice that there was a lot that wasn't cleaned up!

Then again, I am not sure I would be volunteering to go in there with those two animals watching. I might not such a nice job either!

However, some of the other views were just beautiful!

It was a fun and extremely exhausting day, but I was thrilled we had the chance to do it.

All in all, we had a great time at the zoo. We had learned how to master the multiple trains to get there and we were ready to head home and relax.

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