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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Halloween Madness!

Halloween was a lot of fun this year, from start to finish. We have a great core group of third grade teachers and we started doing themes each year. Last year we dressed up in the 50's outfits, this year we had a bowling theme! We had a bunch of bowling pins, a bowling ball, and two bowlers. Our grade level kicks butt!

If I have learned anything lately, it's that I have absolutely no say so in what Leigha dresses up as for Halloween. I used to be able to guide her to get her to want what I wanted. Not on your life now! I was pleasantly surprised that she finally picked this devil costume, because there were some hideous possibilities that we came across first. Unfortunately, Leigha takes after both of her parents. When we want something, we want it NOW! Forget looking around and finding the best, we need immediate gratification.

Leigha and her teacher, Mrs. Johnson.

After school I helped set up for our grade level's cake walk and then headed home to get the kids ready for Trunk or Treat. Thankfully, my aunt joined us for that adventure.

Since I am a teacher, we got a bit of a head start on everyone else. We entered the school before the official start, so we were the first in line for the Trunk or Treating. The first car made a brutal mistake, and I realized that my kids "get it" this year. The man told them to reach into the bucket and pick out a few pieces of candy. It was an amazing sight! My kids literally folded themselves in half, with heads down in the buckets. Yes, these are MY kids!

I had to keep pulling the kids away because Matthew would have cleared the entire bucket out at each car! I had to keep reminding the kids that they could only take one or two, depending on what they were told at each car. Note for next year, don't let the kids reach in themselves, HAND THEM THE CANDY!

My aunt couldn't help but take a picture of someone we didn't know. This was the first time she had seen someone pregnant dress up this way! I have had a few friends paint spider webs and other things on their bellies for Halloween.

Once they had made their way through the treats and the haunted house, we headed inside the MP room to get some pizza before the crowd started coming in. Pizza was one thing that could get their minds off of the bags of candy that they THOUGHT awaited them in the wagon. Little did they know they wouldn't get to eat almost any of that!

The third grade hosted a cake walk to raise money for our grade level. It was a huge success. Unfortunately, Leigha was a huge success! She ended up winning 5 different times. I can blame her for my sudden weight gain that weekend.

The boys got up on the stage and had a blast dancing around. They thought it was the best thing in the world. I was just thankful that they didn't raid the sweets table!

Out of all the treats that Leigha brought home, this had to be the best looking one of the whole evening!

Once we got home, the boys had a blast trying on my costume. They took turns getting in and out of it, but they had no desire to stay in it long enough to get too many pictures.

Even Aunt Bobbie got in on the fun!

The next night, Halloween, the kids had a blast trick-or-treating! They were running, even Matthew, up to the doors and were delighted to say, "Trick or treat." Once again, I had to keep reminding them that they should not dig into the buckets of candy, rather wait for someone to hand them something. That took a little bit of repetition for them to understand. I need to work on Matthew before next year, he kept grabbing the Dum Dums instead of the good stuff! They were ready to go home and dig into their candy.

This was the first year that I was able to go back out with just Leigha. My aunt and uncle stayed with the boys and passed out candy to the kids. I just let Leigha go at her own pace until she tired out. We had a wonderful Halloween!

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