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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Japan- The Final Day!

Friday was a pretty sad day for all of us. I wasn't ready to say goodbye to Noe. We barely got to spend time together, other than late at night and early in the morning. Due to some unfortunate events, we were unable to see the show that he had been working so hard on. We had already gone six months without seeing him, and now we were headed back knowing that we might not see him for at least another four months when he would hopefully be coming to visit us.

On the positive side, I think Noe was in need of some real rest and relaxation. He worked 14-16 hours and then came home to an apartment full of kids that didn't understand that concept of sleeping in. On the other hand, that's not a concept they get at home either. The kids loved joining us in bed and playing with their dad in the morning, though. It was fun just to watch them together.

Since we were all so tired by the time we arrived the first day, we had forgotten to take pictures of Noe's apartment. Then there was no desire to take pictures of the apartment while we were there because we had stuff everywhere (another reason Noe was probably looking forward to us going!). I decided what better time to take pictures, than when we were packed up and ready to leave. Oh, and it was also my evidence that we left the place just as nice as when we arrived! So get ready for a tour of Noe's apartment!

This is the view from his front door.

As you enter the front door, you are standing where the stroller is. This is his LONG hallway.

Walking down the hall, the first room off to the right is the guest room. This is the room where Adri and Valerie slept. They had a full walk-in closet. The kids took full advantage of the room once the girls cleared their stuff out of it. I was just thrilled they hadn't thought about this earlier on in our trip!

The first room on the left was Noe's room and his walk-in closet. I sure hope he doesn't grow too accustomed to that closet, as I will have to make room for him in ours when he returns!

Continuing down the hall, the next room on the right is the toilet. It is fanciest toilet I have ever seen in an apartment. It came complete with a remote control attached to the side. Needless to say, I was not going to try it out! I made it all the way through Europe without experience a bidet and I wasn't ready to end that streak!

Next came a door, one which was very much appreciated by Noe and the girls while they were attempting to sleep through my children's noise. On the other side of the door was the kitchen on the left. It is not a large kitchen, but still bigger than anything I had expected.

The kitchen overlooked the dining room/living room. This is where the kids and I spent most of our mornings as I tried to let Noe and the girls sleep.

The bathroom was across the hall from the kitchen. After you slide the door open, the washer and dryer are there. I was so thrilled to know he had a washer and dryer since we ended up wearing the same outfit every few days!

Then you have the bathroom sink, closets, and medicine cabinets.

At first I wasn't so thrilled with the idea of a wet deck bathroom. However, I learned to love it and wish I had one in our house! When you open the door (across from washer and dryer) you enter the wet deck. The large bath tub was on the right. Everytime I give the boys a bath I really wish I had that wet deck!

Across from the living room was the green room. This room is where we had the boys' tents set up. The doors slide open and closed.

Finally, you come to the balcony. You can enter the balcony through the living room or the green room sliding glass doors.

The view from his balcony isn't as pretty as the front door view, but still it's a nice one!

It was extremely hard to climb into those taxis again. I wasn't ready to say goodbye. Now we just have to wait and hope that he will come home sooner, rather than later!

We miss you and love you, Noe!

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Kei said...

That's quite an apartment! Thanks for the tour. Too bad you & Noe didn't get to spend much time alone together, but hopefully he'll either be home soon for a visit or home for good.