Leigha and the Triplets

Thursday, November 13, 2008

We Finally Found It!

Things have changed so much over the past seven and a half years for me. I realize that is pretty obvious, but I am referring to the details. When Leigha was born, I was finishing up my Masters degree in Elementary Education and waitressing. I never missed a beat. I remember calling into my work and telling them that there was a possibility that I would not be going into work because I was at the hospital. However, I told them not to take me off the schedule that evening until I made sure I wasn't leaving the hospital. It turned out that I had to call them back and tell them I wouldn't be coming in because I was about to have my baby. Up until that moment, I was still carrying heavy trays above my head.

From the start, Leigha was a very mobile baby. I didn't have anything that resembled a schedule for her first year. We went on errands whenever I needed to. I don't ever remember saying that I couldn't go somewhere because I had Leigha.

When I became pregnant with the boys, I was still living in my own little world called DENIAL! I never really understood what a triplet pregnancy meant. Shoot, I still couldn't believe that it was happening to me. These things just don't happen to me! I went through my pregnancy the same way I went through my first one. I was determined to work up until the end. Hindsight is always so much clearer! I often sit back and wonder if I would have made it further if I hadn't worked up until 26 weeks, but what good does that do me?

I might not have been as mobile as I was with Leigha, but I wasn't afraid to take the boys on errands with me. Even with oxygen tanks and all, I went grocery shopping and ran errands all over Vegas. I knew other triplet moms who wouldn't go anywhere without another adult with them. Didn't bother me.

UNTIL THEY BECAME MOBILE! I was fine as long as my kids were seat belted into a stroller or their Choo Choo wagon. It was frustrating watching my friends train their boys how to walk through stores. In my eyes, it was okay for me not to do that because there was only one of me and two of them. I also took my kids out by myself before she! So, HA! OK, I was jealous as ever. I kept wondering if my kids would ever know how to walk on their own and act appropriately (KEY WORD). At the rate I was going, it might be like this until they are in school.

Fast forward to the start of preschool. They were being trained to walk from the bus to the classroom (opposite ends of the school, of course). Surely this meant it might be easier for me. I have always been full of excuses though. I used Matthew as a reason not to try it right away. I am sure letting one of the boys out at a time wouldn't be TOO bad, but then what about Matthew. Matthew was still a new walker and he couldn't stand still on his own. He tires out easily and will collapse to his knees. Don't you think this would make shopping difficult? Yup, there was my excuse!

This past summer I finally started letting the boys take turns walking. I was growing up. I have to admit that I let Robert and Noah walk around more than I do Matthew. Matthew wants to walk and then he wants me to carry him. That just is not going to happen while I am shopping. I told him it's either on feet or in the wagon. Needless to say, he didn't like those options too much.

Another thing I have avoided doing, by myself, is taking the kids to the park. Noe has been in Japan since January and it's up to me to do things on my own. My neighbor, who watched the kids the last month of school, started taking the boys to the park by herself. I was in awe. I even got to meet them there one day and see how it was. I know they enjoyed themselves, but I saw the one thing that made me avoid parks by myself. Matthew just doesn't get to enjoy it like the others. That frustrates me more than him I think.

This fall has been different. We finally found THE park! It's wonderful and it's totally accessible to Matthew. It has two different playground areas and then one big water feature circle. Each of the playgrounds had huge ramps that the kids could walk up. More importantly, Matthew had a playground that was pretty easy for him to enjoy! They also had the swings that are large seats with high backs. Could I ask for anything more?! Needless to say, this is now OUR park. I try to take the boys every weekend, and sometimes my aunt and uncle are able to join us.

There is one obstacle with the park. Two of the boys are potty trained. Which means they will, more than once, need to go use the restroom. That was a challenge. I have no problems taking the two of them in there and have one put their hands on their head while the other one is going. Matthew is my concern. He is going to need to hold on to something after awhile, or drop to his knees. Have you seen those restrooms?! UGH! That's when it's nice to have an older child. Oh, Leigha, earn that allowance!

It's fun to watch my kids climbing up all of the playground equipment. Leigha took years (a lot of them) to ever get the courage to climb up and go down slides. My boys were on the same timeline as her until this last six months. Now my kids are doing the very thing I get on my students about, climbing up the slide!


Shouldn't Uncle Jerry be pushing Matthew?

Aunt Bobbie took his lead and got in on the action, not once, but twice!

Matthew's smile was infectious!

They really have come a long way. You would never really know that they were born 13 weeks early. Look at Robert climb!

This was our second trip to the park. Stay tuned for our first trip!


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