Leigha and the Triplets

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our First Visit to a BIG Park ALONE!

The day after my birthday, back in September, I received a call from my friend Laura who told me about this wonderful park that had ramps. She thought it would be perfect for my kids, especially Matthew. Normally, I would just brush it off unless I was meeting someone else there. This time, I figured what the heck!? I decided we would head to the park and grab a pizza on the way there.

When we first got to the park, I spread some blankets out and gave the kids their lunch. They were doing rather well, I thought.

After lunch, and some potty breaks, it was time to start exploring the different sections of the park. I was thrilled to see the swings that had the high backs. It's about time that more parks started putting those in there!

It was also nice to see the changes in the kids over the past 6 months. I say kids because Leigha is not as scared as she has been in the past. Climbing up this wall is HUGE for her!

She was pretty proud of herself when she got up to the top of the wall. Leigha is very silly though, you always know when she wants her picture taken. She will go out of her way to tell me NOT to take a picture of her. That's my cue these days!

The boys loved running around the play equipment and were going up and down the slides in no time flat. I was stunned! I don't remember this at all, so I know they are getting more comfortable on the gym equipment at school. Have I mentioned that I LOVE them going to preschool through the school district?

If the park wasn't great already, it also had a huge water feature area. The boys are very shy around the water to begin with, but then they love it in the end. Matthew loves to walk up and put his foot on the water. The part I think he loves the most is when he sprays his mom!

We were there for hours, but it only took minutes to know that we would be back!


Kei said...

Loving the new blog background! And you know I love pictures. You are a daring momma, taking all the kids to the park on your own. Looks like a neat park. Curse you though~ it's been c-c-cold here, too cold to think about going to a park with water fun.

TiffanyLeigh said...

You are amazing, Cathy!