Leigha and the Triplets

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Warning: Hell Froze Over

Yes! For the third time since I have lived here, but by far the most, it has snowed here in the Vegas Valley! The snow started around noon today and did not stop until late this evening. We could get up to 3-6 inches more tonight. I have to admit, driving in it was not fun. People here act like they have never driven in or seen snow. Oh wait, they really haven't! The one thing we lack here are the resources to take care of the snowfall. Therefore, NO SCHOOL TOMORROW! It took me almost an hour to get home from school (can take as little as 15 minutes typically) because of the streets not being cleared. Guess they don't know about snow plows or salt trucks.

I called Leigha in the afternoon to make sure she was playing in the snow. She said she was having a good time with it, but she was heading in because she got too cold. I reminded her that she said that all she really wanted for Christmas was for it to snow. I told her that I guessed that Santa didn't need to bring her anything. Leigha said, "No Mom, he still needs to come."

After my long trip home, after two long days of school and conferences, I was ready to vegetate. Unfortunately, Leigha had other plans. She wanted to make a snowman as soon as I walked in the door. At first I said no, but then I quickly realized this might be our only chance. I had already invited our nanny, Suzanne, to spend the night so she didn't have to drive in that mess. So Suzanne made dinner and Leigha and I headed out into the cold!

Leigha has been wanting to make snow angels for a very long time. I am just not sure it was quite as fun as she imagined. Something about lying down on a piles of rocks just doesn't sound very comfortable!

Yummy snow!

It was time to make a snowman! I warned her that we needed to start with clean snow. Snow from the top of Dad's car is the best kind. Then we rolled it along the side walk to get a better sized ball. Considering I have lived in the desert for over 10 years, my snowman making skills are quite rusty.

I was still amazed at how much snow we got today. The scarier part is that we might get 3-6 more inches tonight!

The best part of all? The entire school district has had school cancelled for tomorrow! I don't think this town has very many plows or salt trucks. This will be the first snow day since 1979!


Laura said...

Love those snowmen! Looks like you guys had a great time!

Janel said...

awe so cool. We have had a couple of snow instance here but it never sticks. I sometimes wished it snowed here. My poor 5 yr old has never seen snow.

TiffanyLeigh said...

That's some crazy snow!!! Wow! So how much more did you get last night?

Kei said...

Since '79? wow!!! I was just telling my kids about this & showing them your pics. We're all just amazed!

Jess said...

The pictures are beautiful! I absolutely love the snow. We actually got snow flurries last week just north of Houston, which is just about unheard of as your snow day. My students were hoopin' and hollerin' down the halls, "It's snowing!" I have never seen the halls clear out so quickly! It was coming down pretty steady here but never stuck. It was so nice to see it coming down!

Stacey said...

You guys are so lucky to have snow before Christmas. My kids would be in heaven. Good for you making that great snowman with Leigha. Have a great Holiday!!!

Stacey said...

Oh how fun! Where were the boys in all this? You have seen more snow then we have in the bottom of Indiana.

Ms. ~K said...

What a treat!!!!

Mom said...

Wow, look at all that snow in Vegas. How exciting. Love the pictures. It must be a real treat for the kids there.

Mom said...

Okay, this is mom again...Laura's mom. I put Marilyn as my blog name but since another one of my daughter's has a blog, it came up with the name I use there. Sorry. I guess you can't change it for different pages.

Verdin said...

Hi Leigha,

What a wonderful winter wonderland you had. You made a great snowman- wish i was there to help you make it.
XOXO to you and your brothers,
Love your cousin Ariel