Leigha and the Triplets

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One-On-One Time

Ever since the boys were born, one-on-one time has been very limited. For the boys, one-on-one time has been limted to hospitalizations or doctor visits. Lucky them! I feel horrible about that, but it's just nearly impossible to do anything with one child when we work opposite of each other. Up until this year, Noe has taken Leigha to the movies or out to eat at their favorite place (Green Valley Ranch). Now that Noe has been gone for this past year, Leigha was the only one that had any sort of one-on-one time because the boys were in school for a few weeks when Leigha was not.

I already had ideas and plans for Noe's trip here. This visit was for the sake of our children, they came first. Noe and I decided to split the kids up and each of us would take each of them out by themselves. We were able to do this because I still had my nanny. On Monday morning Noe took Noah and I took Robert and we were off to the stores.

Robert was stuck going to the grocery store with me, but that was just fine with him. He was excited to be able to walk through the grocery store. He did a great job, too! I don't remember having to take anything out of my cart or chase after him through the store. Robert loves the grocery store and loved it even more by himself.

When we got back to the house to do the switch, Noe was pulling up too. It seems that he took Noah to the toy store and let him pick out a video game. Yes, it's 3 days before Christmas and my husband let him buy a video game (with no knowledge of what the boys were getting from us). He said that as soon as Noah had the game he wanted to go home and play it. I think I officially have a video game junkie!

Noe took off with Leigha for the afternoon and I took Matthew to Target. I have never seen him so happy! First, he was shocked I didn't make him ride in the wagon. I told him he could walk and when he got tired he could ride in the cart. There was no stopping him, though. Once we made it to the toy aisle, he looked like he just found gold! We spent most of the morning within these aisles. He was happy just walking up and down the aisles, pushing every button on every toy. I don't think he missed a single one! Never did he ask for me to buy anything or try to shove anything in my cart. He was just thrilled to play.

Noe called me while we were gone and I found out that he let Leigha buy a Ty Girlz with her own money. Sure, I bet she didn't have ANY help from her father! Once again I started the lecture about Christmas being a few days away and the fact he had no idea what she would be getting. Sigh, he doesn't learn! Either way, both kids had a wonderful afternoon.

On Tuesday, we swapped out kids again. Noe warned me that he was going to let the boys get something since he had already gotten the other two something. He promised it would be something small. At least there was that! I took Noah to Walmart and thought I would let him walk around the video game and toy aisles. I was still looking for a few more gifts. I was confronted with the demon child he has become when around video games. He started throwing all of these games in my cart. I kept explaining to him that we were just looking. He tried playing one of those demo games, but it wasn't working too well. There was a kid on the other controller and Noah was EXTREMELY displeased with me when I said it was time to move out of that area. He literally threw a fit. It made it hard to enjoy our time together at that moment. When I finally got him out of that section and over to the toys, he cracked me up. He went down one aisle of cars and just looked disappointed. He turned to me and said, "These don't have buttons!" I guess he didn't think it was fun to look at toys or cars that didn't make sounds. He had fun looking at most of the toys.

When we got back to the house, Noe had just pulled away with Matthew. I saw Robert playing with a bunch of Nick Jr. Matchbox cars. I could deal with that, that's small and cheap enough. I picked up Leigha and we were off to Toys R Us. She had an equally fun time looking trough all of the toys and games. What's fun about Leigha is that she really wanted to get her brothers gifts. She had already bought them gifts at the Holiday Store at school, but wanted to see if there was anything else she could find them. I was even sneaky enough to be able to get her a gift without her knowing!

Once again, Noe and I returned within a few minutes of each other. He had to take off for some meetings at one of the shows here. I found the toys that Matthew got. He got a set of animal figurines. I assumed it was one of those tube of animals. We really could use them, so I was okay with it. (I was okay until recently when I found the receipt and found out that each animal was $5.99. My husband has NO money sense, whatsoever!)

On Christmas Eve we have a tradition in our family. We got all bundled up and took a drive to the Festival of Lights. We drink hot chocolate in the car as we drive through and admire the lights.

When we got home it was time for bed, Santa would be coming soon! They were ALL excited, almost as much as me.

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