Leigha and the Triplets

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Busy Day

January 10 was a busy day! I made plans that morning to meet Laura and her family at the park around lunch time. When she called to let me know what time they would be there, she told me they were on their way to Lowe's for their free workshop. I totally forgot that it was the day where they were making Time Capsules. I was still in my pajamas, as well as the kids. I was bummed! When I got off the phone I looked at the clock and debated if I could physically do it. It was just about to start, so I just gave in to the fact that we would miss it. Then it dawned on me that I had to get everyone ready anyway, so why not try!

The next 25 minutes were a blur. I got dressed, threw some clothes at Leigha and told her to get dressed, and then I changed the boys as fast as I could. I think they thought it was a game. After making sure everyone had their hair and teeth brushed, we were out the door. Wait, did I forget that I didn't have anyone going with me? Normally we make this adventure with my aunt and uncle.

I was thrilled that they still had some time capsules left. I got all of the kids settled down with their kids and then we talked about what would happen. I would help each of the kids, one step at a time. I think they were excited to be back, but maybe I should have fed Robert a little more for breakfast?

The whole experience went much better than I started imaging on the drive over there. It's been hectic when we had three adults, much less just one! The kids were very patient with me (miracles DO happen)!

Noah was taking his work very seriously. He has been practicing with his hammer and "nails" that Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Jerry gave him for Christmas.

Wait a minute! Who gave Robert a second hammer? What is that little mind thinking right at this moment?

Matthew was enjoying the sandpaper.

I think Leigha liked the idea that there was only one adult with four kids. That meant that Mom would actually let her do most of her project on her own. Yes, I admit it; I am a control freak (just not evident in EVERYTHING I do).

Once again, we made it through another Saturday clinic without any injuries or catastrophes (hmmm, I don't have to count that first time when Matthew knocked a 9ft door over, do I?). They all had a great time and they got to take their time capsules with them. I will admit to confiscating them once we got to the car. I would like Noe to see something they did BEFORE the stickers are ripped off!

After we were finished, we grabbed some lunch and headed to the park to meet up with our friends. It had been awhile since we had been to the park, too many sick kids this winter. They were happy to get out and play! It's fun watching what they can do now. Every time we go to the park, they seem to get a little bit braver than the last. I sometimes wonder what they do at school, because this time they were climbing so much more!

Robert was very proud of himself, and so was I!

Matthew was having playing under the slides and towers.

Noah is becoming an old pro at the rock wall.

Matthew scares me to death! He loves to push the other boys on the swings. Everytime they come back at him, I wince. I just constantly remind him to be careful not to get hit in the face.

Matthew never wants to get on the swings himself. This time I just decided I would make him get on there. I don't think I caused too much damage, do you?

Now that Leigha is getting older, it's harder to keep up with her. She is around the playground, making friends whenever she can. The one place I can usually catch up with her is on the big blue swings, and that's only because she needs ME to push her!

Overall, we had a FANTASTIC day!

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