Leigha and the Triplets

Thursday, April 09, 2009

You ROCK, Mom!

Last month a girl in Leigha's class had a birthday party at the opening of the Jonas Brothers movie/concert. Ever since some of her friends went to this party, I have had Leigha begging me to take her to see the movie. It's just not that easy these days. I have a nanny taking care of the boys while I am at work, I don't have someone readily available outside of work. My aunt and uncle save me all of the time, so I hate to ask them to do more than they do already. However, once again, my aunt came to my rescue. Even though they had met us at the park the day before, she came over on Sunday to watch the boys while I surprised Leigha with a trip to the movies.

Leigha thought I was taking her to run errands with me. We drove down to the IMAX theaters and it wasn't until the movie started that she realized what we were seeing (at least she didn't admit to knowing). I think this smile says it all!

I, on the other hand, felt older than ever. The only songs I recognized were the ones from Camp Rock. Leigha LOVED it! Aunt Bobbie--thank you again for helping to bring that huge smile to her face!

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