Leigha and the Triplets

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Robert, Noah, and Matthew!

I still find it hard to believe that four years has passed. I remember parts of that morning so vividly, and other parts I have forgotten about. I am still amazed that I was even pregnant with three babies, and even more amazed that they were born at 27 weeks and are doing so well. I have to say it was the most memorable Easter!

The boys turned four years old on Friday, March 27, however, we had their party on Saturday. I made an executive decision not to celebrate their true birthday. I was working all day and would have only been around for a few hours with them. Having a cake, two nights in a row, seemed a bit overboard, too. I know that I won't ever get away with that again, but the boys did not have a clue!

For the past two years I have decided to pull some last minute party plans. I will admit that it's a lot harder not having Noe around to help me with these types of things. I get overwhelmed and then just ignore things until they creep up on me. This year I made a huge improvement. I ordered a bouncy house on Tuesday night and started inviting people Wednesday. I think that was better than last year!

So many things are different now. The boys totally understand birthdays. This was why I knew it was important to have a party for them. They automatically think party everytime someone has a birthday. I told them that we were going to have a huge bouncy house in the backyard and they were thrilled to find out it was Spiderman. The bouncy house was dropped off Saturday morning, and we had it until Sunday at 7 p.m. Robert and Noah love jumping around, but Matthew did not enjoy it at the last two parties. I figured that he might get more use out of it if he could jump before other kids arrived, or on Sunday.

My aunt, uncle, and cousin came over ahead of time. I don't get to see Jay too often, so it was a nice surprise. Robert, Noah, and Matthew has difficulty with his name. Matthew calls him "Jet", and it just makes me laugh everytime. I think it has become a game to them, they will call him everything except for Jay.

The kids were all over. Some were in the bouncy house, riding on the teeter-totter airplae, and some were inside playing with all of the toys in the playrooms. The kids ate pizza and then they all took off again to go play, that is except Matthew. He was bound and determined to eat cake, so much so that he wouldn't leave the table at all.

After a lot of effort, and some extra help from the other kids, the candles were finally out and everyone was ready to devour the cake.

The kids weren't the only ones having fun. I think Greg (Michele's husband) really liked Leigha's old Barbie laptop. I am sure he would would try to say that one of his daughters was playing with it, but do you see either of them nearby?

Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun, and the boys loved all of their fabulous gifts. One of the perks about having triplets and knowing other triplet families, you only need to have a few families over and you have a large party!

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Tiffany said...

I remember that Easter morning too! I was quite surprised to see three new babies across the way from Evan. I was even more surprised how easy you were getting around. It took me over 15 hours before I was with it enough to go see Evan and even then I was taken in a wheelchair.

Happy birthday boys!