Leigha and the Triplets

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Grand Entrance!

Flat Stanley finally made his way back home. A few of the classes in 2nd grade started a Flat Stanley project months ago. Everytime they get something new in the mail, they meet together and the student presents what they received. They have a large map up down one wall and they pin the items/letters to where in the world they came from.

Leigha has been asking, over and over, when her Dad was going to send it back. I tried to explain to her that she probably sent Flat Stanley the furthest out of anyone in her class. Noe doesn't get too many days off, so it took him awhile to show Stanley around Tokyo.

Wow, was it worth the waiting! Noe made sure that Flat Stanley was able to see where he was going. How clever Noe was to put Stanley on the outside so he could see. He had the cast and crew of ZED sign a framed poster from the show. He put a lot of pictures and items from Japan in there as well. Leigha was very excited to read her dad's letter to her class and show them everything he sent.

Job well done, Dad!

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