Leigha and the Triplets

Saturday, April 11, 2009

BIG Ideas!

This past week we have been on Spring Break, a very much needed break from work. I had my nanny here for part of the time so that I could run around and do everything I don't have time to do while working. This weekend I didn't really have any plans to do anything. I have heard advertisements for egg hunts, but the idea of letting my kids loose, with tons of other people, just didn't appeal to me. We were just going to have a nice and relaxing weekend.

Then I started feeling guilty that I had not taken the kids to visit the Easter Bunny. It dawned on me that we skipped seeing Santa this past Christmas, too. It's all Noe's fault (for the record). My friend Laura mentioned that she was going to take her kids to Picture People for Spring pictures. That sounded like a better idea. I haven't taken the kids for a professional picture (other than school ones) since Father's Day, almost two years ago! I printed out my coupon and decided I would be very smart about it this time. I called ahead and made an appointment. I figured I would rather spend some money on some nice portraits of the kids, rather than the typical Easter Bunny picture.

As frustrated as I got with the boys, for taking turns goofing off, they managed to take a bunch that I loved. They put coupons on their websites to lure you in, and then they go and frame a bunch of pictures and make you want to buy them all. I know their ploy, and I was going to be strong. I would take my free picture and then get maybe one more at 20% off.

By the time we finished taking pictures, we were way past lunch time. Unfortunately, I had the great idea to let the kids walk into the mall (Matthew with his walker). The food court was on the opposite side of the mall as the Picture People. It took us forever to make it over there, but once they were settled with their food, they were doing great.

Unfortunately, I wasn't prepared to eat at the mall. I had not brought any snacks with me and I was starving. I tried to find the lesser of evils and ended up getting a Chipolte Chicken snack wrap from McDonald's. I have to admit, it was pretty good. Considering I haven't had fast food in well over a month, I think some kind of chemical reaction went off in my body. Right after we finished eating I opened my mouth and asked the kids if they wanted to go see the Easter Bunny. What was I thinking?! I tried to get myself out of it, but Leigha really wanted to see the Easter Bunny. I think this is her last year of believing in a bunch of things, so how could I say no.

The boys are new to the whole concept of waiting in line patiently. They were upset that they couldn't "see" the Easter Bunny from our spot in the line. I kept trying to explain to them that we were in line to go talk to the Easter Bunny. With the exception of Matthew running a few people over with his walker, and the other boys weaving in and out of line for a few minutes, they did great!

I was bummed that I didn't have my camera with me. I saw other people using professional type cameras when their children were on the Easter Bunny's lap. I bet they didn't pay the ridiculous charges for the photos that I did! My iPhone has not been known to take the greatest pictures, but I thought I would snap away a few while they were getting their time with the Easter Bunny. I wish I had taken the time to look at them, because I think mine were just as good as the nice and expensive ones I paid for!

I really wish I could hear what Matthew was saying to the Easter Bunny.

By the time I had paid for my pictures, the boys had eaten their lollipops and were running around. It was time to herd the crew back to the elevator, and head to the other side of the mall to pick out which of the portraits I wanted. The second the boys saw the store, Noah looked at me and said, "NOT AGAIN!" My sentiments exactly. I was ready to go home. They had no desire to sit down patiently, while Mom kept changing her mind.

I absolutely loved the trilogy that they had printed and framed, trying to entice me into spending hundreds of dollars. The only reason I didn't end up getting it is because my entire house, minus the kids' rooms, is white. The frame was white with a light blue matting. They offered to put it in a darker frame, but I didn't think it would look the same. After losing a few kids here and there, I finally decided on 5 sheets.

For my free picture, I could have gotten an 8x10 or 10x13. Of course I took the bigger one, it seemed like a no-brainer to me. Then I tried to scan it, should have known it was bigger than my scanner. I had to trim off a little bit of Matthew and Noah, but it wasn't too bad!

I just can't believe how big all four of them are getting. Time is flying by!

When I got home I remembered that we hadn't decorated the eggs yet. I quickly boiled a bunch of eggs and set them aside to cool. Last year Leigha and I decorated all of the eggs. This year I decided that the boys should get a chance to do it, too. Being the person I am, I was fearful of the mess they could make. However, they all did a great job and we only had a few splashes that didn't ruin any clothing.

First we took turns writing on each of the eggs. Then they took turns stirring the eggs in the different colors. Instead of having a nervous breakdown, I really enjoyed watching them have so much fun. They are all excited for the Easter Bunny to come visit our house.

They thought they did a great job, thumbs-up!

When I went upstairs to tuck the boys in, Matthew wouldn't let me pull the sheet and blanket up over him. He told me that he wanted the Easter Bunny to do it.


Laura said...

Those pictures and eggs turned out great! Good for you for not letting the idea of an easter dye mess hold you back!

Kei said...

Great pics!!! You are definitely a way more fun mommy than I am. We don't go out to see the Bunny or color eggs.

I LOVE the photo of Matthew & the Easter Bunny!!