Leigha and the Triplets

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Multicultural Night

On April 22, our school hosted our annual Multicultural Night. Each grade level studies one of the continents for 6-8 weeks. Leigha is in the 2nd grade this year, so she was studying Asia. What great timing considering Noe is in Japan right now. When Flat Stanley was visiting Noe, he sent back a lot of different pictures and items from Tokyo. He even had the cast and crew sign a poster board from the show he is working on.

Leigha had plenty of pictures to put on the Flat Stanley wall.

Leigha loves her teacher, Mrs. Johnson.

As always, I find it very difficult juggling the parent/teacher roles. Before all of the families started arriving, I had Leigha show me around her Great Room and classroom. I wanted her to be able to show off all of the projects she had made. She showed me her country report, Japanese counting book, and a Japanese fan she had made. Up on the wall was a letter to me.

While we were away at school, Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Jerry came over to our house to play with the boys. As always, they had a great time! Grandma and Grandpa had gotten the kids cowboy hats for their birthdays.

They took the boys for a walk to the dirt lot, the one that was supposed to be turned into a park about 3 years ago. We still have hopes, they have trucks moving dirt around finally.

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