Leigha and the Triplets

Friday, July 24, 2009

Signing Time in Las Vegas

Less than a week after the Baby Expo, Rachel returned for the annual Vegas PBS Ready to Learn Signing Time event! This time was even more special than before. The entire Coleman and Brown family joined her.

Hopkins and I were VERY close that night, so we had to arrive early. Leigha LOVED seeing her "best friend" Lucy! Leigha has considered her a best friend ever since the first time she met Lucy a few years ago. They hung out on the lawn as everyone else ran around. Every time I checked on them they were laughing. I *think* they had a great time together!

My biggest fear of helping out Hopkins was that I wouldn't be able to bring the boys to the show. Once again my aunt came to my rescue. She picked up the boys, grabbed McDonald's and headed to the other side of town to meet up with us. She kept them happy and entertained for the hour before the show started.

After the girls shared a Popsicle, they started reading the book that Vegas PBS gave them.

This year was probably the best one yet for Vegas (not that I am biased or anything). The audience was surprised to see Alex and Leah join Rachel on stage. The kids in the audience all received the cutest little frog hats, too!

The meet and greet line was long as usual, but Rachel always stays long enough to give everyone a chance to get a picture and say hi. Funny thing is, Hopkins always ends up with cheeks that hurt from smiling, too. It's impossible not to smile when you see all the excited (and frightened) faces on the kids (from birth to 90).

When almost everyone had left the park, the boys got to have some special time with Hopkins. Unfortunately, one child came back to see Hopkins and Robert just busted out laughing and said, "That's not Hopkins, that's MY MOMMY!" WHOOPS!

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