Leigha and the Triplets

Saturday, July 25, 2009

She's About to BLOW!

In May I was definitely at my breaking point. School deadlines were absolutely crazy (and that's putting it mildly). I had been a single parent for over 16 months. My patience had been kidnapped and was being held ransom. I had a trip planned to Salt Lake City to meet up with some of my friends. It was planned with the idea that my husband would be home to stay with the kids. As the trip got closer, Noe's arrival was pushed further and further back. My anxiety level was increasing daily.

With a ton of help, I was able to escape my house knowing that my kids were in good hands. My niece, April, took the first two night shifts. My nanny was there during the day and then April relieved her. Then my brother used his air miles to fly my mom in on Friday. My mom stayed with the kids until Monday when my nanny took back over. I was home by the end of her shift on Monday afternoon. It was a three-ring circus, but it all went well. My biggest gripe was that I didn't even get to see my mom at all, but I was so thankful that she was able to help me out!

I had almost 6 days to myself. That is something I have not had since I gave birth to Leigha over 8 years ago! It was enjoyable not to be responsible for children. I was free to do whatever anyone wanted to do. To me, that was golden. I was able to go out to eat, shop, and just hang out with my friends.

Ronai and I had great coupons ($50/100) for Old Navy, so we took off shopping on Thursday. We felt we deserved it after working out with Rachel that morning. We were ESTATIC to walk out of the store with size 1 and size 2 jeans! Ok, I am sure my size 1 was fluke, but it was fun knowing it fit!

Isn't Rachel just amazing? One day with her and we magically shrunk!

On Friday morning, Ronai and I got treated to a workout by the owner of the gym Rachel goes to. I was a bit scared of the owner being our trainer. Something about the way Aaron and Rachel laughed when they found out who we had just made me a bit paranoid. The dungeon didn't help either! (This is THE Matt--the one that Rachel, Aaron, Jana, etc. work out with! Jared had left by the time we got our cameras out!)

I have lost weight, but obviously haven't built up very much muscle!

Some day I will be able to pose between Rachel and Ronai and have something to show!

We had a great time though. I won't lie and say it was easy, because it wasn't. However, it made me really wish I lived there so I could go all of the time. I can see why Rachel and Aaron look the way they do!

As a reward for my hard work, I was able to enjoy my first pedicure. I have NEVER had one in my life, but I am now hooked! I live in sandals in the summer, so this would not be the last time I would experience this little bit of heaven. I can't see myself doing it during the winter, just until sandal weather is over. The massage chairs were amazing as well.

Saturday morning was the annual race for the ADC (Association for Deaf Children). This is the same race that a bunch of us participated in last year. I loved being able to meet up with the girls that I had met there last year. I think our unofficial "Team Hopkins" had a good turn out.

After the race, Rachel, Alex, and Hopkins performed for the crowd.

I had lots of fun and even walked away with a 1st place medal for my age group (2nd overall).

My friend Kei completed her first 5k, yet they made a mistake and everyone ended up running around 4 miles! It turned out that they didn't have everyone turn around where they were supposed to, so they went about a 1/2 mile further than they should have. Unfortunately, there was a teenager who was running so fast that the volunteers were unable to get him turned around because he had already passed that point. I believe they had to have someone jump on a bike and go after him. He ended up running 8-9 miles! Must have felt like a long 5k to him. He's ready for a 1/2 marathon now!

The rest of the weekend was just spent trying new things. I became quickly addicted to Red Mango and Spoon Me. They both have fantastic frozen yogurt, but Spoon Me also had a great theme going on. Even the bathrooms were fun!

Two more of my favorite gals, Kei and Jana!

On Sunday, Kei, Ronai, and I joined Rachel's family for bowling for OLD candy! If there was ever a reason for me to bowl a strike or a spare, this was IT! I had barely eaten candy since March! Lucky me (or unlucky me?) I got to eat a bunch!

Rachel, Cathy, Kei, and Ronai sporting Rachel's fabulous bowling shirts!

Words can't express how much fun I had that week. It was great to get home to my family, but I can't wait to go back and see all of my friends again! A huge thank you to everyone that made that week possible!


Kei said...

heh heh heh.. next time I will pay more attention to the course map and my Garmin! Now when I run a 5K or look at one to run, the first thing Robert asks me is if it's USATF certified! Next year, you've got to sign up for the 5K.
You look awesome, by the way. I can't wait to see you again!

Rachel Coleman said...

This post cracks me up! I can't believe how much we did in just a few days. It's life around here, but condensed! Workout, eat frozen yogurt, run a race, Signing Time performance, pedicures and bowling! Glad you had your camera to capture so much.
Come back any time, but FYI the schedule will likely be the same:)

Diann said...

You don't know me but I stumbled onto your blog because I have been researching triplets. My 20 yr old daughter had spontaneous triplets 6 months ago, all boys. She already had a one year old little girl.
Please email me if you have any good advice or if you ever sell your boys clothes. I am trying to help these young young parents any way I can, living in different states.



Anonymous said...

Wow that was an AMAZINGLY good time! I really need to move out there. You know it's weird people usually tell me I've got big biceps... next to Ray... I got NOTHING!
I really can't wait to do that again, crazy schedule and all!

Tamara said...

Cathy, you look amazing! what an inspiration...you are a great mommy and deserved and little girl time for yourself!!

Stacey said...

Cathy you look great!!! Can you share what you are doing. I have so strugled sice the trio was born. Glad your back bloging. I just put my first post up in a while also. Maybe you can be some big inspiration to me!!!

Kathie Wheeler said...

Cathy, you look great. Can't believe all you do with all you have on your plate. Love your haircut.