Leigha and the Triplets

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dare Devils

June 26, 2009

My kids are NOT dare devils. It took us years to get Leigha to go down a slide. My boys were not that much different than her. My neice and nephew are polar opposites. Amelia will scale ANYTHING and I don't think Marcus is too far behind her.

I was so excited to see that the park at my mom's church had playground equipment like we did as children (the good ole days). You will notice that as Marcus is scaling the equipment, Robert is collecting pine cones.

Matthew was having a great time on the swing. He kept looking at the TALL slide, but he decided that the swing was high enough for him.

After watching Marcus and Amelia swing like monkeys, at the top of the TALL slide, Noah finally got up enough courage to try it himself.

Then it was Robert's turn!

Matthew had to have help climbing up the ladder. I have never seen such a steep ladder. It was tricky for me to be able to carry him up. He was a happy camper going down the slide, though. Unfortunately, that meant that he would keep asking for me to take him back up!

Amelia loved walking along the benches and looking at the leaves on the trees. Really, she was just patiently waiting for the boys to stop LOVING the slide so much so that she could get back on it.

Not to be outdone by her little cousin, Leigha was bound and determined to get to the top of this climbing contraption. However, she was not thrilled at how many photos I took in the mean time, she wanted DOWN.

I couldn't believe how high Leigha could go on a swing! She has definitely mastered the pumping skills.

Later than afternoon, Crista, Chuck, Caroline, and Eva came to Asheville to attend a wedding. We picked up Caroline and brought her back to my parents' house to play while the others attended the rehearsal dinner. It had been a year since the girls had seen each other, but they reconnected fast!

Caroline is another one that has no fear. She stuck her hand right into the pond and let the fish come up and nibble at her fingers.

Then--the true MADNESS started! My mom got this silly (messy) idea to get the shaving cream out. I think she feels bad that my kids aren't given these "fun" types of things to play with at home (although I don't remember doing this as a kid?). She started off by putting it on her face, and then it was all downhill from there.

I don't think Robert caught on to the fact that Grandma went AROUND her mouth, not on it! I was fearful of what could happen next. Then I just smiled when I remembered that SHE would be the one cleaning them all up. Crista always feels bad for my children, she would have been thrilled to know that this was happening while she was at dinner.

Noah might do a little bit better when he starts shaving. He at least got it around his mouth!

Leigha thought that they were being very strange. She kept making faces at the boys and Grandma as they came down the hall. Guess what happened next?

Finally, it was Matthew's turn!

After I finished taking pictures, I convienently disappeared until I had clean kids again. That's the best kind of fun, one in which I don't have to clean up!

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