Leigha and the Triplets

Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's THAT Time of Year!

June 26-28, 2009

Towards the end of our park visit, I noticed that Matthew was becoming a big lethargic and he was starting to get a fever. I really was NOT in the mood to make a repeat 911 call like the year before. It was horrible timing with Stephanie and her kids there, and then Crista and her family were on their way. That night, both Matthew and Noah ended up with the high fevers. We put up an air mattress in the living room and I slept out there with them that night. Wait, the intention was to sleep, but that did NOT happen. Sick as ever, Matthew still found the energy to be a complete chatterbox. My mom slept on the couch next to us, well, tried to at least.

Stephanie and her kids were taking off early Saturday morning. We had originally intended on taking a group photo, and then photo shopping my brother in to the picture. We really need to learn our lesson and just take the picture at the beginning of the trip. My kids were too sick to get up and take their picture, so we only ended up getting Stephanie and her kids.

After they left, Crista's family started getting up and ready for the wedding they were in town for. It was hard to believe how big and beautiful the girls were getting.

They make one cute family!

Unfortunately, this illness was not going away fast. The kids could not eat ANYTHING. Everything hurt their throats and they were miserable.

Matthew and Noah were not excited to find out that they couldn't join us for a walk. They pouted, more than they already were, the entire time everyone else got dressed and put their shoes on.

The rest of us headed out, fully equipped with bubbles from the wedding.

It was great seeing Crista (and her family) again! I just wish we didn't have to go so long in between visits.

I can't even imagine how big the three girls will be by next summer.

Chuck, Crista, Caroline, and Eva

After they headed back home, the boys started to feel a bit better. We got them dressed and let them all help Grandma fill up the bird feeder. I was happy that Matthew never ended up in the ER this trip! Don't they look like happy boys?




Things were looking up! It still hurt them to eat, but the fevers were disappearing. Thankfully, Crista's family and Stephanie's family never got what they had! I just wish I could say the same thing about Robert and Leigha. They took their turn at this hideous thing the next morning. Two more days of being stuck in the house with two kids who had fevers and couldn't eat. What is it about my kids and North Carolina?

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