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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Look at ME!

July 29, 2009

When we returned from North Carolina, I took my camera back in to Best Buy. I had learned a very valuable lesson when my first Rebel XS took a nose dive. The first time my XTi had broken, I found out that there is no one local to fix a SLR camera. You have to send it in to Canon. The minimum to fix a camera is $200. OUCH! When it broke for the second time (different issue), I decided it was not worth sinking another $200 into it. I decided to upgrade to the Canon Rebel XSi. As I was checking out, the lady offered me an accidental insurance policy. Hmmm, accident, a word that flies around my house on a daily basis. I asked her exactly what was covered and she told me the most beautiful words I have ever heard. My camera could be puked on, peed on, microwaved, ran over, etc. As long as I had the pieces (not stolen or lost) they would replace the camera for me. How much would this cost? Less than it would cost me to send the camera into Canon ONE time. SOLD!

Unfortunately, it takes a week to two weeks for Canon to look at a camera and send it back. When I called Best Buy to check on the status, they told me to come in and pick out a new camera. I guess my camera wasn't worth fixing! I found out that I didn't have to take the same exact camera that I had. They told me that I was able to spend the same amount of money that I had on my camera. The price of my camera had gone down since I bought it, and there was a new camera released. The wheels started turning. Did I need the newest one? No. That wasn't going to stop me from looking at it. The Canon T1i had larger mp and best of all, it had HD VIDEO!! I know that might not sound great to many of you, but SLR cameras don't normally have video. Video was relatively new still. The incredible part--it would only cost me an additional $80 to get this camera.

I had fun testing it out on the kids. It's just too bad I have the inability to sit down and read an instruction book. I could just imagine how good of pictures I could take if I actually took the time and energy to learn how to use the camera properly!

I definitely LOVE my new camera!

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Lori said...

I just got that same camera last month. I haven't read the manual yet either and have just been shooting in auto. It should probably be a New Year's resolution to figure out what I am doing!