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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Leigha Takes on Disneyland

September 4-5, 2009

On Friday, Leigha and I left school early to head to California for Leigha's first race. This was a big deal for Leigha. She does not typically like to run, but I think she really wanted to when she found out that her friend Alexee was going to be running. OK, the fact that the race was at Disneyland probably helped, too.

We had to leave school early on Friday so that we could pick up Leigha's race packet that night. Leigha and I had a lot of fun walking around our first expo. Leigha wanted to find EVERY freebie (yes, she's my daughter).

Although Leigha has never been a big fan of running, but she was genuinely excited to get her bib and t-shirt.

I am not sure what part was more exciting for Leigha, the race or the fact that we were away for the weekend. It's not very often that we can do something alone.

Saturday morning was Leigha's and Alexee's race. They seemed a bit nervous, but I think they were more excited to get to their race.

Just walking through the park was exciting. There were so many kids there, and you could feel the excitement as we walked through the park to find the girls' starting line. The race was 400 yards for their age group. We said goodbye to the girls and then went to cheer them on closer to the finish line. It was so fun to watch her smile shine when she heard us cheering for her!

I was so proud of Leigha for running in the race. This was definitely outside of her comfort zone. She was proud of herself and happy to show-off her new medal.

How many kids get to share this moment with their teacher? I love the fact that my friend is her teacher. Not only was her 3rd grade teacher there, but Alexee's mom was her 2nd grade teacher. LOVE it!

Proud Mom and Leigha

The group of friends that we went with were awesome. Everyone got up early to go support the girls in their race.

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