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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The NEVER Ending Halloween Season

Halloween Season

It used to be that Halloween was a one day event, maybe two if it fell on a weekend. These days it seems to never end. Our Halloween SEASON started on October 23. Our first event was Trunk-or-Treating.

The kids were able to walk around the decorated vehicles and get a ton of candy. I would have LOVED this as a kid, getting so much candy and hardly going anywhere (I love it as an adult, too, since I get to go through their candy).

I am not creative enough, nor do I have the time, to decorate like some of the parents do. Some of them really go all out for Halloween. I would love to see what their houses look like!

Leigha ran into her best friend Hannah. I really like Hannah and am very thankful that they became friends last year. Unfortunately, they don't get to hang out as often since we don't live near the school. That is one thing that stinks about having her at my school instead of the one we are zoned for.

The best part about this event was that Noe was able to join us! Typically he is working during our "season". This year it just happened to fall on his day off.

Our 2nd event was on October 24, 2009. Our friends, Don and Laura, had a Halloween party at their house. We haven't seen much of them in the last year, so it was nice to go over and hang out with everyone.

Laura and Don did a great job with the decorations. There was no one part of the whole downstairs and backyard that wasn't decorated. I can't imagine all of the hard work that went into cutting all of the bats out!

Our friends, the Williams, came dressed up as Yo Gabba Gabba! That used to be one of the boys' favorite shows (creepy).

I think my kids were in heaven on their swingset. I wish we could talk Noe into one of these, but it would seriously take up most of our backyard I think.

It was a great evening!

Next on the calendar was our school Halloween parade/party. Wouldn't you think they could have timed it the same day as the Trunk or Treat? Of course not! At least everyone is getting a lot of use out of their costumes this year. The second grade team, in my great room, went as Sesame Street characters.

In my class, we decorated pumpkin cookies. I had so many left over that I brought them home for the kids to make. Yes, it pained me to watch them make a mess, but they loved it!




It was finally Halloween! When I broke the news to Robert, I don't think he was too happy. It has to end eventually. Not EVERY holiday goes on for two full weeks!

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