Leigha and the Triplets

Saturday, August 14, 2010

December 2009

I am the queen of procrastination (not that anyone didn't know that already)! I waited until December 24 to take the kids to see Santa. The kids waited patiently in line to see him. I think they knew that they better behave so that Santa would be visiting them that night!

I think the kids have been very good this year, well, for the most part!

Christmas morning was very fun! I just never imagined that I would enjoy watching other people open gifts more than getting one. The looks on the kids' faces was enough to fill my heart. The bed-head was pretty dang cute, too!

I am sorry, Santa, but Mom and Dad brought the most rockin' gift for Leigha this year. She had been begging for a DSi, but I kept telling her no because she just got the DS for Christmas the year before. Considering she didn't really have anything big on her wishlist, I decided we would surprise her.

The boys loved all of their gifts, but I think these might have been the most dangerous toy they could have received. With their shadowy past, they not have weapons handed to them. It's all about killing each other now, I am so proud!?

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Leanna said...

Awww...you are right, the bedheads are so cute!