Leigha and the Triplets

Sunday, August 15, 2010

January 2010

The New Year started off on the right note. We rang in the New Year together at home. Matthew didn't mind napping with Smokey the next day!

In January the weather in Vegas can be hit and miss. Thankfully, we had some beautiful weather and we decided to take advantage of it by taking the kids to the park to play some ball and exercise. We already knew that Leigha was not a big fan of soccer, so she took off for the slide while the boys kicked the ball around with us.

Watching the boys try to mimic their dad's workout was hysterical!

I will not implicate anyone in particular, but this bus just happened to show up at my house and my kids just happened to take turns at the driver's wheel. It made their day!




The following weekend was my Phoenix Rock N Roll Half Marathon. I did not intend to run this race because a group of my friends and I were going to do the Surf City Half Marathon 3 weeks later. However, I won a free entry when I was at the Disneyland Half Marathon. For those of you who know me, know that I can't pass up a free deal!

I bought my tickets for $69 round-trip and my friend Holly set me up in a beautiful hotel by the college. It was perfect! Well, except for the actual race. I totally chose the wrong clothing to wear. Instead of wearing a tank top with my throw-away jacket, I wore a long sleeve shirt under my throw-away. I was overheated by the mile 1 marker. Not good. I drank so much water the day before, but I still felt dehydrated as ever. Normally I look for the mile markers, but this time I was just desperate for a water station. I also made the mistake of giving up on the bathroom line after a half hour. My coral was about to go and I decided to hold off. HUGE MISTAKE! I couldn't find a port-a-potty at all for the first few miles. I finally saw a restroom in a park, across the field, and decided to just go for it. Next time I realized it would have been better for me to miss my coral start since the timing chip didn't go into effect until after I crossed the line. Live and learn. I was definitely in a negative mindset for this race and finished a minute slower than my first race. On the positive side, I got to catch up with my friend, meet her kids, and earn TWO medals. That's right--I got one medal for completing the race and an extra medal for doing the Desert Double Down (two Rock n Roll desert races in 6 weeks). It's all about the bling!

It was very bizarre to be all alone at a hotel for two days. I didn't really have anywhere to be, other than the expo and the race. Holly picked me up on Saturday evening and we went out to dinner. We had fun catching up on each other's lives, and filling in the gaps from when Holly and Melissa up and SPLIT right before our show opened in London! CRAZY GIRLS! On Sunday, after the race, I got to meet her two little ones. They were absolutely adorable, and had Holly wrapped around their little fingers. Holly is no match for them! PERFECT! Even though it was kind of relaxing just to hang out at my hotel room, watching infomercials (dangerous), it was nice to go home the next morning and see what Leigha made for me. I missed them and I think they missed me!

Towards the end of the month I got to surprise the kids with something special. I took them to see Disney on Ice. It's always kind of hard for me to watch, as I really do miss skating, but it is getting easier and easier with each passing year. I miss some parts of touring, but there are many things I don't miss.

The kids loved it, especially the boys when they saw all of their favorite cars.

We all had a great time!

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Leanna said...

OMG! I bet they did love the bus!..and of course they missed you..good job on the cake Leigha!