Leigha and the Triplets

Thursday, November 02, 2006

First time on the loose at the park!

My mom really wanted to meet Laura, Don, and their triplets (Wyatt, Lucas, and Jaxon.) We decided to meet up with them at the park for dinner. Ever since Jaxon got the wise idea that he didn't need two naps, we have been off schedule of each other. We met at Sunset Park, had McDonald's for dinner, and then let the kids loose. That was interesting. This was only the second time that they have really worn shoes. I never tend to put them on since they stay in the stroller or wagon now. Robert kept trying to take off and then wiped on the cement. He hurt his forehead, but was up and ready to go pretty quickly.

Noah had a slow start. He was more petrified and didn't know what to think of the shoes or the equipment.

He warmed up to it quickly!

Robert loved looking around

Grandma gave Matthew a ride in her arms

Leigha loved the changed look of the park!

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