Leigha and the Triplets

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Wow, two days in a row! Boy, are they spoiled!!

Last Thursday was Day2 for my aunt, THAT week. It was her last day before she left for her daughter's house. See, I worked her til the last day! From the looks of the pictures, I would say that they had another terrific day!

Matthew was busy with his physical therapist, so Aunt Bobbie let the boys play in Leigha's playroom. We are getting ready to open this room up to the boys. We just have to purge it of Polly Pockets, dolls, etc.

I wonder what they were thinking the entire time they were granted access to the unknown. They probably laughed knowing I would be running after them, trying to contain them as usual. Have I mentioned how small Polly Pocket pieces are? Crista?

I guess Noah was enjoying Leigha's My Little Pony horses! Wonder how dad feels about that!?

Robert and Matthew look like they love sitting together. In reality, I wonder who was going to try to kick who off first. That's inevitable.

Leigha made her reindeer hat at school. Our Christmas tree was a three day process. We are ready for Day 3 at this point!

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