Leigha and the Triplets

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dance Dance Revolution!

On Monday, during nap time, Leigha and I took out the Dance Dance Revolution mat. Like everything else that Leigha plays with, the DDR didn't get put away, or even stopped for that matter. When I brought the boys down from their naps, I was in the middle of a homework assignment online. It was too quiet. Nothing good ever comes out of a house, with three one years olds, that is quiet. I peeked around the corner, cautiously, and this is what I saw...

At first, I was pretty shocked to see that Robert was the only one on the mat. Before, they would all climb all over it. The other two boys were just sitting, watching, clapping, and moving their limbs. Then I realized why it was this way. Robert is a dance hog. If anyone even got close, he pushed them off. He knew when someone was invading his dance mat.

Noah is scared of Robert. I couldn't believe he was even trying to get close. Matthew was the last one to attempt to take over. He tried the slow approach. First it was just the finger tips. Then he had both hands on the mat. Then he tried to make the move! Do you see that look on Robert's face?!

I had to literally take Robert off the mat so that Noah could try. Robert started screaming, so Noah would run back and sit on the chair. I kept telling Noah he could dance, but man he was scared! He enjoyed himself though!!

The DDR can take up to 4 mats. I refuse to buy them each a mat. I swear, my kids will learn to share!

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