Leigha and the Triplets

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I feel so violated!!

OK, I feel stupid too!When I was leaving to go to the gym, I realized that my receipts from the gas stations were lying on the middle console. I walked back into the house to ask Noe if he had been looking for something in there. Of course, his answer was no. YIKES! Then I remembered I took a few things out of my purse and threw them in the diaper bag. I buried my purse (1st dumb thing) under a sweater, so no part of it could be seen. I went out with the kids twice yesterday. Well, sometime after I got home last night, somebody went into my car (2ND dumb thing...didn't lock my doors.)They went through my purse, left all the crap, and took off with gift cards and cash. I can't think of what all was in there, but they left my Swiss Army knife and a bunch of other things. They had the nerve to sit in there and go through my stuff! Most thieves would grab it and run! I would love to know how they knew that 1) My doors were unlocked; 2) That I had a purse in there; 3) How they had the nerve to take the time, in my car, to go through it. I know I had about 5 gift cards in there, some cash, but I am not sure what else was in there. I am not sure I will ever really know. I bet they were unhappy to see all of my coupons and receipts! I had a boring purse!

Man, I am still irritated and embarrassed. Needless to say, my van is locked!


The Grubbs said...

Cathy, THAT SUCKS! I have been thinkng about it, and it would take BIG balls to stand there and go through your stuff, especially since about 22 out of the 24 hours in the day, someone is awake in your house and lights are on! I am wondering if you may have left your car door open... and someone saw the interior car light on, and then later saw it on again. Otherwise I can't imagine how the heck that happened in your neighborhood.
i am sorry that happened to you!

Michele S said...

That does suck!

Greg took the kids to the desert the other day and found a hitch and jumper cable. He was all excited until he realized it was HIS JUMPER CABLE AND HITCH. Someone broke into his truck and stole a whole bag of tools and his jumper cables and hitch.

So there's a lot of that going around!