Leigha and the Triplets

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Giving is the best thing to do!

On Tuesday, Leigha participated in her first school performance. We are the Caring Coyotes. Caring stands for cooperative, accepting, responsible, intelligent, noble, and giving. Each grade level is responsible for one word. Kindergarten has the word giving. I looked worse than a typical first time parent. I came to school armed with a camcorder, SLR camera, and a digital camera that takes video with sound. Unfortunately, I can't operate all three at the same time. I also found other drawbacks. The camcorder was so hard to hold steady, over the heads of parents and kids, especially when I tried zooming. I am sure I will make a few people sick if they decide to watch it. Thankfully, one of the 2ND grade teachers took my SLR camera during the first performance. He has the same type of camera so that wasn't even an issue. Noe's digital camera was a bit of a problem too. My friend was too far back so she had to zoom. It was fuzzy and hard to see because she had a hard time holding it steady too!

Leigha is in the morning kinder class, but she also is a typical peer for the Early Childhood program in the afternoon. This means she got to do it twice! I borrowed another teacher's tripod for my big camera the second time. That was great! Unfortunately, Leigha wasn't a hula girl in the second performance. That means I don't have any great video of her dancing. Some day I will have to figure out how to get my camcorder movies onto the computer! I was such a proud (spectacle) mom! She was CUTE!

In the afternoon performance, she was a fish. She was in heaven with all of that glitter on her plate!

Leigha had a great time! The next day they had their Valentine's Day Party and now she is officially on track break! I wish I could say the same. We had Staff Development Days today and then again tomorrow. I am looking forward to having 3 weeks off. Three whole weeks to schedule every known doctor appointment I could think of, plan a birthday party, have my parents visit for a week, and mostly, organize and clean this house!! We'll see how much of that I actually accomplish!

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Laraine said...

Cathy - that sounds like so much fun. Leigha looks adorable.

I've been sad realizing that my boys are almost ready for school. I want to start them in pre-school in the fall. I'm just not ready to let them go and admit that they are growing up whether I like it or not :-). Its so nice to see what I have to look forward to though - it does just keep getting better doesn't it!