Leigha and the Triplets

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Birthday, Leigha!

Leigha turned 6 on Friday, February 16! It's hard to believe how big she is getting, and how mature. She came into our room very upset in the morning. She climbed into our bed and had the saddest look on her face. She told me that she didn't look any different. It was hard not to laugh, but I managed to keep the laughter inside. I had to explain to her that you don't grow a great amount in one night. I told her that we would go and look at pictures of her when she turned 5. That way she could see how much she has grown all year! I showed her how little she was at one!

As Leigha came down the stairs, she caught a glimpse of what was waiting for her. At he landing there was a Teddy Bear holding a huge 6 balloon, along with 6 other latex balloons! That put a smile on her face! She hugged that teddy bear so tight. I had also made her a cake, at 2 a.m., and had that ready for her in the kitchen. Noe and I also gave her the present we had for her. She saw our IPODs and wanted one too. Noe was against giving her an mp3 player at first, but then saw how much she wanted one. She LOVED it! The ear buds didn't fit, heck they didn't even fit Noe! We then took off for the mall! We got her some larger, cushion headphones that went AROUND her ears! Much more comfortable. The mp3 player had a lanyard, so she hung it around her neck. For the rest of the day, all you would hear was Leigha singing (screaming) with the songs. Every time one of her favorites came on, you could tell by the HUGE smile! It was the best thing we could have given her. She has been good about not turning up the volume. Now we just have to train her not to talk so loud. She doesn't get the whole concept of not realizing that she doesn't have to scream for us to hear her.

Later in the afternoon, Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Jerry came over to help us celebrate. They gave her a box of goodies, including a light up toothbrush, pencils, and a beautiful dress! Her day was just getting better and better!

She had waited all day to cut into the cake!

It was a perfect birthday!

Happy Birthday, Leigha. We love you!


Michele S said...

Happy Birthday Leigha! You look like a big girl to me! I can totally tell your six now and not a little five year old! I love your balloon and pretty dress!

TiffanyLeigh said...

She's adorable, Cathy!!! You should be so proud! :)