Leigha and the Triplets

Friday, March 02, 2007

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program with this important announcement...


That is a fair warning to anyone. We have cancelled all speech, physical therapy, etc. Noe complained of a stuffiness and said he wasn't feeling very good on Monday night. Tuesday was HORRIBLE! Pathetic would be an understatement. He was achy, had a fever, sore throat, and coughing until he made himself throw up.

Wednesday night my parents were scheduled to fly back home. On Wednesday afternoon we added my Dad to the sick list. How horrible, to have to get on two airplanes and wait at two airports when you are nauseated, achy, etc. Wednesday evening add my Mom to the sicklist. She is strong as an ox, so I didn't realize she was getting it. It seems that half the flight seemed to be hacking up a lung.

Wednesday, late night, add Leigha to the getting sick list. She was stuffy and Noe immediately informed me that was how he started out. Sigh. Thursday morning she woke up crying. Her throat hurt her really bad and she had a low fever. I should also mention that she threw up for the first time EVER on Tuesday. We took her to Toys R Us to use her birthday money. Her stomach started hurting and she turned white/grey! She threw up and that scared her to death. She never did get sick again, so we aren't sure if she just ate something bad or just really needed to use the restroom (which she did later!!)

One hour after Leigha woke up sick, all of the boys woke up. You could hear Robert breathing from the other room. I gave him Motrin and did a breathing treatment. All the boys were whiney (and I do mean ALL) all morning. By lunch time Matthew and Noah had fevers too. Robert and Noah had no desire to eat at all. They went down for naps.

Friday, they are all REALLY sick! So far I am the only one that has escaped this. I don't care if I get a cold, but I better not get this while they are all this sick. Noe can't do a thing.

I will post the good parts that I have missed later! We had a great time with my parents here. It's just too bad that we gave them departing gifts.

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