Leigha and the Triplets

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I am on a MISSION!

That's it, I have made up my mind. I have to find some way to get Signing Time! NOW! The small problem is that I would need about $275 to purchase them. I tried catching some episodes on TV, but they stopped them already. My kids are completely OBSESSED with these videos. I even got to chat with Rachel tonight!

As soon as my boys wake up, they start begging for Signing Time! I turn it on and let it run for awhile. The giggles and the smiles on their faces, when they see what is starting, is priceless! My boys, who seem to have a language of their own, can sign!

Leigha loves the Signing Time! DVDs too, but she also likes to watch other shows. After a longer period time than I care to admit, I tried turning the Signing Time! show off and put on regular cartoons. I said CARTOONS?! You should have heard the yelling I got. All three at once just lit into me. They weren't satisfied until they saw the two little hands appear on the screen. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that they are watching something educational. I love the fact that they are learning more signs every day!

I have always loved Sign Language. I took a few classes in college. I dated my friend's brother, who was deaf. I just never had a chance to use it beyond that. These days, it's a different story. With all of the publicity out about how Sign Language is so beneficial, people are teaching their kids, no matter what their ability level is.

Being a mother of triplets, I faced an even larger challenge with my boys. Not only is their speech delayed, they seem to have this foreign language that only they can understand. I heard about this series on Triplet Connection. I was on a short term mission. Now that my boys are picking up signs daily, I am on a bigger mission. I want the whole series. I think Noe would kill me if I spent that much on movies though. Then again, even Noe has started picking up some signs!

I used to be quite frugal. For some reason, after the birth of my multi-million dollar babies, I have been throwing money around, buying things I probably shouldn't. So one of my next posts might be that I went ahead and got this whole set! I wonder if Noe even reads this blog. Maybe he will believe me when I tell him I don't know where those 13 movies, 4 cds, etc. came from? The biggest thing stopping me is the fact that I can get about 1400 diapers for the cost of that set. That's not a lifetime supply when you have triplets!

I know I have included this before, but here is a picture of my kids watching Signing Time!

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Rachel Coleman said...

Thanks for the fabulous plug and review of Signing Time! Your kids are adorable.

We often have fans who nominate us for awards or secure media interest or get a letter to the editor printed in a magazine and I always "reward" them with Signing Time products when they help us out with media hits. That might be one way to "earn" some Signing Time products. Get Signing Time mentioned in the news.

In the meantime, make sure your local libraries have all 13 Signing Time DVD's plus Baby Signing Time and Practice Time!

Just a thought!