Leigha and the Triplets

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Day Two.... The Good and the Bad

On Sunday morning, my boys were baptized at my mom's church. My dad agreed to be there, as he was there for Leigha's baptism. I can count how many times my Dad has been to church on one hand, I believe. The last time he went to church with my mom, the minister said, "It's a miracle!" as he entered, in front of a lot of people. That was the last time he stepped foot in a church, until now.

During the Baptism, the minister had us walk up and down the aisle and I said a little something about each of the boys. Everyone there thinks of the boys as theirs. They have been praying for them since I was pregnant. My mom is always updating them on how they are doing. It was nice to share this important day with them.

Matthew was constantly trying to be a hairstylist. He loves pushing all of my hair in my face.

Randal (Minister) and Robert

Randal and Noah

Randal and Matthew

My dad had to race off to work, but someone took a group shot for us. I have learned to except less than perfection since the boys were born. There will never be a day where everyone is looking at the camera, at the same time, and smiling!

Leigha, Grandma (Lynn) holding Matthew, and Cathy holding Robert and Noah

I just have to share this photo series of Robert and Noah, it was cute and funny to watch.

I have to keep reminding myself how cute they are...because I wanted to kill Robert during nap time that afternoon.

Day Two continues...

After I put the boys down for their nap they carried on like they typically do. I walked by the room and smelled the odor. I figured I better change whoever had the poopy diaper so that they would go to sleep. I walked in there and immediately started peeking down the backs of diapers. Low and behold, Robert had no pants or diaper to peek down. The little critter had stripped himself. I immediately took him into the other room, diapered him, and put pants back on him. When I put him back in his crib, I found out that Noah was the stinker. I took him out to the living room, changed him, returned him to his bed. I then told them to lay down and go to sleep. It worked!

A few hours later I went to go rescue them from their naps. The first thing I did was make sure Robert was wearing pants. He wasn't, but at least the diaper was still on him. I never did find the diaper earlier (it was too dark to see). I then saw a brown ball in Noah's crib, then another one, and another one, etc. Then I looked in Matthew's crib, there were more in there. I looked between Robert's crib and the window, there was the diaper and a bunch more balls of poop. LOVELY! I did find one little ball of poop in Robert's crib. He's not stupid! I could have killed him. After replacing all of their sheets from the broken glass, I now had to strip everything AGAIN and wash it all.

It's a good thing he is cute! I swear he knew he was in trouble. He was an angel for the rest of the day. All three of them were wonderful when we went out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. They knew better than to push my buttons anymore that day. I couldn't help but smile as the kids were eating.


Robert wanted to feed Matthew some guacamole!

What a perfect way to end this day, with Leigha's beautiful smile!

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