Leigha and the Triplets

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Take Off Your Masks

It's safe to enter our house!

It was sad to say goodbye to my mom last week, but it was so nice to have her here while the boys were sick. Isn't that what mommies/grandmas are for? The timing couldn't have been better. My aunt left town the first week of January. She is taking care of Sydney (my cousin Ashley's daughter) until she is six months old and can go to daycare. I think this is the longest stretch we have ever had without my aunt and uncle coming by for a visit. Unfortunately my uncle had just had surgery so we needed to keep him OUT of this house until we knew we were all clear. It was perfect timing!

After school, on Friday, I told Leigha that Uncle Jerry and Aunt Bobbie were coming over for a visit. The smile just took over her face immediately. She ran around telling the boys that they were coming over to visit. Needless to say, they had been missed!

Matthew had to show off his new moves for Aunt Bobbie!

Robert loved getting a hold of my glasses. He better be careful of what he wishes for!

Matthew decided he wouldn't mind being lazy with Smokey and Mom. This is how he would be lying down with his dad if he was here.

The boys started grabbing books to read with Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Jerry. Aunt Bobbie was either reading a really funny story or something else was going on! Noah couldn't stop laughing and smiling!

How many pictures does one have to take to get a good group shot? A LOT! I am not sure what was up with Leigha, but she was having some major problems keeping her eyes open.

Did you think they were going to make this easy?

Who knew that having Uncle Jerry around would mean a gymnastics class for the boys?! It was time to STRETCH!

The kids were just happy to have Uncle Jerry and Aunt Bobbie there! Do they look like sick little boys anymore?

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Laura said...

It is so good to see them up and about again! Love the pictures!