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Friday, March 28, 2008

We Have a LONG Way to Go!

I am starting to feel hopeless in terms of catching up with my blog. Every time I sit down to write, I get too overwhelmed and end up doing absolutely nothing. I am trying to get caught up so I don't have to say, "A few weeks ago I - (fill in the blank). My goal this weekend is to get caught up, and I WILL succeed!

I think I left off at Spring Break. On Saturday I was plain exhausted. I had a potential nanny lined up to meet us on Monday, so that made me feel a little better. I was bummed that I would not be able to get everything done over Spring Break that I had intended to. Nicole had said she wanted to work so I had made plans to take Leigha ice-skating, clean out some rooms in the house, and just get stuff done! That took a huge nose dive when she quit. Instead I was left alone to take 4 kids to the dentist (3 of them for the first time). I was unable to run errands alone, and with Easter coming up that made it difficult. I wasn't able to get up and clean rooms out like I had originally wanted. However, I did the best I could!

Thankfully, April (my niece) helped me take the kids to their dentist appointments. It was not the wisest scheduling on my part, but the only time I could get all four seen was during nap time. Not too wise! They were all cavity free, so that was good news. Unfortunately, they confirmed (you have to be blind not to know) that my boys have inherited the lovely missing teeth genes. Sorry boys!

Even though we didn't get home until late in the afternoon, I decided to put the kids in their room for a while. Laura called me and invited us to meet them at a park by their house. The thought of getting the boys up, not that they were sleeping, and driving a half hour didn't excite me. However, dealing with boys who had not napped for the next 4 hours wasn't so exciting either. I decided to just go for it and got the kids ready to go.

I think it's safe to mention that my kids are NOT trained to be let out of their wagon in public places. Laura's boys do a great job at listening to their parents, but I was with them when they were training them. You need to have two people, that's why mine aren't trained. If I were to take my kids into a store, without their wagon, mine would take off in three different directions. A disaster would sure follow.

The boys did an amazing job at the park, but we have a LONG way to go! When I say they did an amazing job, I mean they were still alive (as was I) when it was time to go home. Trust me, that was an important feat!

The park was wonderful. We joined our friends over by the fields for pizza. My boys LOVE pizza. Wouldn't you know, they loved their freedom MORE than they love pizza. Off they went!

I ran more that night than I have in a long time. I think I will be signing my kids up for soccer some day. There was a team practicing up the hill and Robert and Noah were determined to join them. I had to return some cones quite a few times. They LOVED running up and down the field.

Thankfully, I did have reinforcements. Since Jaxon, Wyatt, and Lucas are trained so well, Don and Laura were able to help me with the boys. We finally got them to join us for some pizza, although it was short lived.

After a few bites, it was time to take the pizza on the run!

Then my nightmare began. Don and Laura headed us over to a DIRT PIT! For anyone that knows me, I can't stand the idea of my kids sitting down in the sand. I hate dealing with messes. I was afraid to let Matthew out of the wagon since I knew he would be crawling in it. Don picked him up and headed over to work the crane. Matthew LOVED it!

By the time I turned around, it was a done deal. My kids were infatuated with a shovel, bucket, and tons of dirt! Leigha even found some dinosaur bones.

I don't think Matthew was too fond of riding a huge lizard.

Mom to the rescue!

Leigha has changed- awhile ago she would NEVER have climbed up a three-story tower. Look at her now!

The park was very neat. It had an entire section made to look like an old western town. Leigha loved the carriage, but wanted us to push her around. She had a hard time understanding that it was cemented down.

Matthew loved listening to himself stomp his feet.

It was time to head to the saloon.

Then we decided it was time to ride off into the sunset, or pitch black by the time we left.

We had a great time! We will definitely have to take a drive out there again.

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